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401K and Pensions

Are you a company owner or plan sponsor seeking a retirement plan that offers the flexibility and expertise normally available only to larger plan sponsors? Would you and your participants like to benefit from truly independent investment decisions based on your best interests, not on potential brokerage fees or proprietary fund affiliations?Would you like for your plan costs to be transparent, so that you can weigh and evaluate the costs that you and your participants are paying for recordkeeping, custody, plan administration, and investment advice?

We offer our independent investment management service to company-sponsored 401K, 403(b), 457 and pension plans.

Working in partnership with an open architecture technology platform, a full-service Third Party Administrator (TPA), and a cost-effective qualified custodian, we offer to company owners, plan sponsors, and professional partnerships independently advised and managed 401K, profit sharing, and pension plans. Our goal is to offer flexibility in investment options, including professionally managed portfolios of selected mutual funds and self-directed brokerage accounts.

We bring expertise and independence in investment selections, and cost efficiency and transparency to expense management.

As a registered independent investment advisor, we act as a fiduciary, which means we put our clients' interests first under all circumstances. We focus on our clients' needs and goals, not on the sale of products or the generation of commissions. This is a role which we long have played for our individual clients. Thanks to advances in open architecture retirement platforms and the unbundling of retirement plan services, we now are able to extend this trusted advisor role to company owners, plan sponsors, and participants in company-sponsored 401K and retirement and pension plans. Please contact us for more details.

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