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Many wealth management firms rely on the sale and distribution of investment products, building their sales teams on a commission-based pay structure through which the individuals providing investment guidance are paid on each transaction. This structure means that while advisors are investing clients’ money, they have a financial incentive to sell products regardless of whether it’s the right strategy for a particular client’s needs. This conflict of interest can pose a serious risk, as situations may arise where financial advisors benefit from trades or sales that could ultimately cause their clients’ harm.

In contrast to this counter-intuitive business model, Liberty receives no commission on any of the services we provide to our clients. We are a fee-only advisory firm, which means we are only paid by you and we only work for you. As a Registered Investment Advisor, our advisors are legally obligated to put clients’ interests ahead of their own as well as disclose any potential conflicts of interest. We work directly for the benefit of our clients, and provide the same level of personal, unbiased services you’d expect from an accountant, doctor, or attorney.

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